Candidates Crossing Partisan Barriers with Cross-Endorsements.

Candidates Extend Goodwill at Election Night Parties in Los Angeles and Oakland.

MILL VALLEY, Calif. – As Election Day neared, candidates crossed party lines to show support of alternative ideas and the vital need for proportional representation and collaboration within the legislative process, by issuing cross-endorsements to candidates sharing key values in regards to the protection of voter choice and true liberty.

Christina Tobin, Libertarian candidate for California Secretary of State, led the way by announcing her endorsement of a number of candidates, across the political spectrum, for governorships and U.S. Senate in California, Illinois and Connecticut. Two California gubernatorial candidates, Chelene Nightingale of the American Independent Party and Dale Ogden of the Libertarian Party, recently reciprocated Tobin’s endorsements with their own endorsements of her candidacy. Tobin attributes her inspiration for cross endorsements and teamwork across party lines to Ralph Nader, 2008 Independent candidate for the U.S. presidency, who recently gave his rare, yet not surprising, endorsement to Tobin.

Tobin and Ogden joined Nightingale and supporters at the Chelene Nightingale Election Night Party, last night, at 2845 N. Towne Avenue, Pamona, Calif.

Additionally, Tobin has endorsed the Green Party candidate for California governor, Laura Wells, who attended The Laura Wells Election Night “Kickoff” Party, last night at 8:00, after the polls closed, at La Estrellita Cafe and Bar, 446 E. 12th Street, on the corner of 5th Avenue, near Laney College in Oakland.

Both election night parties were open to the press and supporters.

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